we have changed a few things

To be HIPAA compliant we are taking extra steps to protect client information.

Our office phone number has changed!

Effective January 19th, 2021 our new office phone number will be 419-910-2638. This is a secure phone number.

Our email has changed too!

Effective January 19th, 2021 we have changed our email address to be HIPAA compliant and to ensure client privacy.

Shelley's new email address is [email protected]


We have a few openings in our schedule for new clients.

Welcome to
pathway to serenity, LLC

At Pathway To Serenity, LLC we provide adult outpatient psychotherapy services dedicated to providing quality care and services to individuals and couples. ​​ Our mission is to provide evidence-based treatment proven to bring about a successful outcome. Through offering caring, skilled, and thoughtfully planned assistance of sufficient depth and length, we can work together to overcome challenges, solve problems, and achieve balance. Research has shown that verbalizing feelings can have a significant effect on your brain. Getting your thoughts and worries out into the open - particularly with a professional trained to help you manage them - is a GOOD thing for your health.

Here are some ways that therapy can help you to achieve a happier and mentally healthier life:

Reduction in symptoms
Improved life satisfaction
New ways of coping with stressors
Building self esteem
Healing from painful experiences
Personal growth
Resolved traumatic experiences
Improved communication skills
Positive coping skills
Improved perspective


June is PRIDE Month

We celebrate PRIDE with the LGBTQ+ communities in NW Ohio. As always, Pathway to Serenity, LLC is a safe place for everyone.

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